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I created Absolution in a one week directing workshop at the JugendFilmCamp in Arendsee, Germany in collaboration with Leonard Graf.


Waterfall was made for the 2016 Zurich Film Festival Challenge 72.

The task being to make a 72 second long film in 72 hours and the theme being water. Collaboration with Albert Gubler, Andrea Maag, Sarah Buchholzer and Christian Kohl. Music composed by the fantastic Franziska Ammer and Nico Sturzenegger.

(English Subtitles: "Come to me, trust me, everything will be alright")

a short film about AHDH

The first film I made was this awarded graduation project. Although the lack of technical quality, this 35min short film means a lot to me as it is about something I had to deal with my whole life. ADHD.


Making this film and taking on the the task of script writing, directing, acting, editing and pretty much taking on the job of any department involved in shooting a film, not only taught me a great deal about filmmaking but also about myself. I could really explore my passion for psychology and express things I never had the chance to express before.


As a part of this project I wrote a paper in which I describe how I chose to portray specific symptoms and explain my thoughts behind the scenes and character as well as other interesting facts such as the representation of ADHD in literature and pop culture. If you are interested in reading this, then you are most welcome to click the Link below.


Unfortunately the film can’t be viewed on mobile devices, try a Computer...

To see the cover, click


Roller Coaster through the Clouds a short film about ADHD

To view the written, “scientific” part of this project, click


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