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Views from a micro-budget filmmaker - Sophia Ralston. A Q&A from Ben Wilkinson from the Spirit of Independence Film Festival about her new film The Red World (2020)

Poster of my award winning short film The Red World that was released in 2020
A headshot of Sophia Ralston. Long red hair, yellow top.

SHOWREEL 2017-2021





Sophia Ralston was born in Sydney, Australia in 1998 and grew up in Zurich, Switzerland where she received her Matura in 2016 with her first award-winning film project Roller Coaster Through the Clouds - a short film about ADHD (2015). Since then, she has been creating and collaborating on several low-budget short film projects and competitions across Europe. Her recent short film The Red World (2020) ran on national and international film festivals and received a large number of nominations and awards amongst others for Best Science Fiction Short Film and Best Message.


She attended various courses such as directing, writing, camera and acting workshops in Germany as well as studied “Acting for Film” at the Met Film School in London where she also gained work experience at Working Title Films. Since 2018 Sophia has been working in the Swiss film and television industry in a range of fields including assistant-director, editor and production-assistant.


After receiving her Bachelors degree in Filmmaking at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2023, Sophia returned to Switzerland to continue working in the field as a Crowd AD and to pursue her career as a writer/director predominantly in the music video and advertising industry.

Sophia Ralston on set holding a film slate in front of the camera. Filmic lighting

Photo by Namona Teggart


Shining Film AG, Zurich, 2023

Crowd AD, SRF-Series Mindfuck Yourself

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow, 2020 - 2023

Undergraduate BA Filmmaking student

Contrast Films, Zurich, 2023

Crowd AD «Landesverräter»

Various companies, Zurich, Neuchâtel, 2020

Covid runner / supervisor for SET Management, Zodiac Pictures Ltd and C-Films AG


Background Action, Zurich, 2019 - 2022

Extras coordination, among others for «Stürm» and «Frieden» 


CognitoFilms, Zurich, 2019 

Internship 3rd AD for Arthouse feature film «Spagat» 

Snakefilm, Zurich, 2018

Production- / AD Internship for 7th season «Der Bestatter» 

10. Gässli Film Festival, Basel, 2018 
Internship, Promotion/Admin/Editing 

Working Title Films, London, 2017 
Work Experience, In-house Runner 



2021 | «Tune It Out - Rock Opera Musical»

Director, Writer, Producer, Editor - Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

2021 | «Mirror Mirror on the Wall - Monologues»

Director, Writer, Producer, Editor - Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

2020 | «Secrets» 
Director, Writer, Producer, Editor - Application film

2020 | «The Red World» 
Director, Writer, Co-Producer, Editor - Application film 

2019 | «They Had it Coming» 
Director, Producer, Editor - Application film 

2017 | «Blue Balloon» 
Director, Editor- ZFF72 

2017 | «Absolution» 
Director, Writer - JugendFilmCamp 

2016 | «Wasserfall» 
Director, Writer, Editor - ZFF72

2015 | «Roller Coaster Through the Clouds - a short film about ADHD» 
Director, Writer, Producer, Editor - Matriculation Project


2022 | «Rosario» 

Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

2020 | «Split Scene» 
Co-Writer, Actor, Editor - JugendFilmCamp: InfluenZAr 2020


2019 | «Verführung» 
Script Continuity, Costume - Application film by Damian Derungs 

2019 | «Belcanto» 
2. AD Crowd - ZHdK Film by Ian Oggenfuss

2019 | «Mind Hacking» 
Writer, Editor - ZFF72 - Director: Regina Grimm

2019 | «Hotel: Honeymoon» 
Script Continuity - Web Series - Director: Julien Wagner